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BE linED up with

queue是排队的意思, 不及物动词, 后面不能加名词。比如说: We must queue. 而line up是及物动词, 使用时需要在后面加上名词, 或者lined up作为形容词使用。同意思的: We must be lined up. 下面给出两个词在牛津英汉汉英词典中的释义, 方便你理...

oh yes come on baby you understand me what i say ? yes or no ?

Lined up 网络 一字排开; 排成一行; [例句]Mahoney had lined up two of the crates 马奥尼已经摆好了其中两个板条箱。

Cars had lined up bumper to bumper 路上的车辆排成了长龙 再如: Traffic on the freeway is bumper to bumper. 高速公路上交通大排长龙。 Yes, cars were lined up bumper to bumper. 是的。车一辆接一辆排成了长龙。 It's bumper to bumper ...

lined up in two rows 排成2排 双语例句 1 Rows of attendees lined up in Huangshan's city square when two lines of drummers began pounding drums that stood taller than they did.

leaving without a position lined up这是一个整体,是个名词组。 离开后没有找后面的职位(这件事),是从句的主语。

It's a simple ladder wagon, lined with hay, and high up on the hay, on a cotton sheet, rests my grandfather. 这是一个简单的梯子马车,内衬干草,和高的干草,在一张棉片,休息我的祖父。


中国印刷术应该排队(一行) 在拉丁之上。

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