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你好,很高兴能回答你的问题: 这首歌有点符合,不知道是不是哦。 歌手名:dia frampton 歌曲名:walk away 望采纳。


歌手名:dia frampton 歌曲名:walk away 专辑名:Red 在肯德基听到几首好歌,也是自己通过歌词来查的。不过,肯德基的歌都不换的,总是一个列表循环,从早到晚。

Ahh yes Well look at here Look at here Ah what do we have? Another pretty thang Here for me to grab But little does she know That I'm a wolf in sheepsclothing 'Cause at the end of the night It is her I'll be holding I love you ...

你听得歌词不对吧。。可能是dana winner的moonlight shadow?

是这首 Dia Frampton-Walk Away 试听

Groove Coverage - Far Away From Home?

歌曲名:(You'D Better) Runaway 歌手:Paul Young 专辑:Paul Young Boomkat - Run Away 《A Million Trillion Stars》 Lately I've been affraid Some things going right inside of my brain And it's getting hard to explain But I see everyt...

Bruno Mars 的《Runaway Baby》 Ahh yes,是啊 Well, look at here, look at here好了,看这里,看这里 Ah, what do we have?啊,我们有什么? Another pretty thang ready for me to grab我准备抢另一个漂亮的升 But little does she know但她一...

Walk Away 专辑: Red 歌手: Dia Frampton You better run away, run away, run away Either way you're screwed, there's nothing you can do, ...

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